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EshopWedrop and Logistic Natives e.V. Network

EshopWedrop joins The Logistic Natives e.V. Network

We are pleased to announce that EshopWedrop has joined The Logistic Natives e.V., an international logistics network for modern commerce businesses.

The Logistic Natives represent economic and legal interests of more than 30,000 companies within the commerce industry. The organisation have an aim of encouraging its members to familiarise themselves with digital processes and apply digitalisation within their business strategies in order to optimise their delivery, sustainability and much more.

A few goals of The Logistic Natives include the ability to digitise its members and other companies, strengthening of logistics and infrastructure and the resource of having access to the German-speaking market.

For EshopWedrop, being a member of The Logistic Natives comes with many benefits. To name a few examples, EshopWedrop will benefit from:

Networking with other members and businesses
Gain access to industry-related networks such as EcommerceEurope and the German Network of Public Affairs
Receive direct information from relevant national, European and global bodies including special organisations of the United Nations
Information advantage and market access

As a result of joining The Logistic Natives e.V., EshopWedrop hope to enhance its reach into the German market as well as empowering digital business processes and increasing digitalisation throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Mircea Bandean, Managing Director of EshopWedrop commented “I am very pleased that EshopWedrop has made the connection with The Logistic Natives. Being part of this network will bring us many benefits including access to the German market. I look forward to seeing our business digitalise over time.”