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About Us

EshopWedrop is revolutionising the way people shop online

Our fully integrated, International cross-border, online delivery service provides consumers worldwide with the freedom and ease to purchase from online retailers in Europe, USA and Asia - then have the goods delivered to their country quickly and at a low cost.

30 years of logistics experience

Low cost cross border parcel delivery solution

Operations in 11 countries worldwide...more coming

High quality customer service

The EshopWedrop Model

Fast and simple sign up process

Upon registering at the EshopWedrop website we supply the customer with their personal delivery addresses for the UK, Poland, Germany, France, Italy and USA

Parcels delivered to the Warehouse

The consumer can then use their personal delivery address when checking out on the online retailers website they are buying goods from (i.e. These goods are then sent to the relevant origin warehouse

Parcels handled and scanned

Upon receiving the goods at the warehouse, they are barcode labelled, photographed and it becomes possible for the customer to track the progress and status via their EshopWedrop account.

Delivery to consumer destination market

The goods are dispatched from the origin warehouse using the Groups international transport network. The customer can track their parcel throughout its entire journey and are notified when the goods arrive at the destination country's distribution facility. From here they can arrange the final mile delivery.

Wide range of convenient delivery options

Customers can choose from a selection of delivery options that suits their lifestyle. They can arrange a home or work delivery, or collect their parcel from one of our many conveniently located collection points located in their country

Why Choose Us?

Low cost rates

We work around the clock to guarantee the best shipping rates

Reliable & fast

Less time shipping means more time enjoying the finer things of life

More choice

International access to more products of high quality and lower costs


Customers can track the status of the parcel during the delivery Lifecyle

Local customer service

A global service supported with high quality and caring customer support

Join the EshopWedrop Evolution Become a Franchise

A low risk opportunity to grow your business

Our vision is to create a revolutionary Global brand that creates a single online market for consumers to buy goods internationally and have them delivered quickly and cost effectively, regardless of their country of origin.

We offer franchise opportunities for likeminded and forward-thinking businesses, that are passionate and committed to joining the EshopWedrop family on its exciting journey.

Growing network

Use of the EshopWedrop logo and brand and become a part of a growing International network

Low risk

Fast and effective market penetration opportunity to service demands of a growing ecommerce market sector.

High Quality IT Infrastructure

Fully integrated front and back end website portals and warehousing equipment, providing the necessary IT tools to facilitate the ultimate customer experience.

Business support

Full support of a dedicated management team and leverage of the Group’s 30 years’ experience in International transport & logistics.

Marketing Excellence

Digital and offline marketing support by EshopWedrop’s centralised marketing department.

Recent News
EshopWedrop joins The Logistic Natives e.V. Network
EshopWedrop joining international logistics network for modern commerce businesses
Welcome to YourDrops
YourDrops is EshopWedrop’s newest opportunity for our valued Drops Members; we are extending an invitation for you to take part in a unique campaign regarding the business that you are so instrumental in shaping. We are on the lookout for Drops Members with an interest in taking a more active and participative role in our rapidly growing technology based and global cross-border delivery, e-fulfilment and logistics business.
EshopWedrop to expand UK-EU B2C operations in strategic partnership with Whitehouse Solutions
EshopWedrop are delighted to announce their newest strategic partnership with Whitehouse Solutions whose specialist skillset in e-commerce and e-fulfilment make them the perfect asset to oversee the EshopWedrop UK origin warehouse operations.
EshopWedrop joint venture with Logismart to expand operations in Germany
Logismart and EshopWedrop are combining forces in the formation of a Germany-based entity designed for facilitating the transportation and delivery of high volumes of parcels from Germany and throughout Europe.
Janco E-Commerce Solutions Limited awarded EshopWedrop franchise
EshopWedrop, part of the Xpediator Plc (AIM:XPD), is delighted to announce that it has awarded the franchise to Janco E-commerce Solutions Limited to manage and offer the services of the international cross-border parcel delivery solution in Hong Kong.
EshopWedrop supports Leeds University Business School students
EshopWedrop has been selected to support Leeds University Business School with its student’s company marketing project (CMP).
New franchise awarded for Poland
EshopWedrop is delighted to announce that it has awarded the franchise to TMM Express to manage and offer the services of the international delivery service in Poland.
Ecommerce-Europe joint statement
Joint industry statement
The United Kingdom and the EU27 must keep goods and parcels flowing efficiently
EshopWedrop to manage international deliveries for online marketplace
We are pleased to announce that online consumer marketplace has chosen EshopWedrop to manage their customers’ cross border deliveries to nine countries.
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